Long Creek Nature Preserve

It Feels Like Home!

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Discover & Explore the Serenity of Long Creek Nature Preserve in Palm Coast.

Along the tranquil shores of Long Creek, Long Creek Nature Preserve offers visitors a peaceful retreat into the heart of nature. Situated in Palm Coast, Florida, this pristine preserve boasts scenic trails, diverse ecosystems, and abundant wildlife, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Here’s everything you need to know to plan your visit:

Location: Long Creek Nature Preserve is conveniently located in Palm Coast, just a short drive from the city center. Situated off of Palm Harbor Parkway, the preserve is easily accessible by car and offers ample parking for visitors.


  1. Hiking Trails: Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an adventure along the winding trails of Long Creek Nature Preserve. The preserve features a network of well-marked trails that meander through lush woodlands, alongside picturesque creeks, and past tranquil ponds. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike, there’s a trail to suit every level of outdoor enthusiast.

  2. Wildlife Viewing: Long Creek Nature Preserve is teeming with native flora and fauna, providing ample opportunities for wildlife viewing and birdwatching. Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of songbirds, waterfowl, and other fascinating creatures that call the preserve home. Binoculars and a camera are essential for capturing close-up views of the diverse wildlife that inhabits the area.

  3. Picnic Areas: Take advantage of the designated picnic areas scattered throughout Long Creek Nature Preserve. Shaded picnic tables and benches offer the perfect spots to enjoy a leisurely meal amidst the natural beauty of the preserve. Pack a picnic basket filled with your favorite snacks and beverages, and savor a peaceful outdoor dining experience surrounded by towering trees and serene waterways.

  4. Fishing Opportunities: Anglers will appreciate the fishing opportunities available at Long Creek Nature Preserve. Cast a line into the crystal-clear waters of Long Creek or one of the preserve’s tranquil ponds, and try your luck at catching bass, bream, and other freshwater fish species. Fishing is permitted in accordance with Florida state regulations, so be sure to obtain the necessary fishing license if casting a line during your visit.

  5. Nature Observation Deck: For stunning views of Long Creek and the surrounding wetlands, be sure to visit the nature observation deck located within the preserve. From this elevated vantage point, visitors can observe the diverse ecosystems of the area and enjoy panoramic vistas of the natural landscape. The observation deck also serves as an ideal spot for wildlife photography and birdwatching.

Plan Your Visit: Long Creek Nature Preserve is open to the public year-round, from dawn to dusk. Admission to the preserve is free, making it an accessible and affordable destination for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful nature walk, a scenic picnic spot, or a chance to reconnect with the great outdoors, Long Creek Nature Preserve invites you to experience the serenity and beauty of Palm Coast’s natural landscapes.

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