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Discover Bunnell: A Historic Gem At Flagler FL.


Bunnell’s history dates back to the late 19th century when it was established as a settlement along the Florida East Coast Railway. Named after early settler Alvah A. Bunnell, the town grew rapidly as a hub for agriculture, timber, and commerce. Over the years, Bunnell Florida played a significant role in the development of Flagler County, serving as the county seat and a center of government, commerce, and culture. Today, many historic buildings and landmarks still stand as a testament to Bunnell’s rich heritage, including the Old Bunnell State Bank Building and the Holden House.

Bunnell Florida:

Located in the heart of Flagler County, Florida, Bunnell Florida is a charming small town with a rich history and a strong sense of community. Founded in 1913, Bunnell Florida has retained much of its historic charm while embracing modern amenities and opportunities for growth. From its quaint downtown area to its scenic parks and recreational facilities, Bunnell Florida offers residents and visitors a peaceful and welcoming environment to call home.


  1. Downtown District: Bunnell’s downtown district is a vibrant hub of activity, featuring charming storefronts, local businesses, and community events. Visitors can explore antique shops, boutiques, and art galleries, or enjoy a meal at one of the town’s cozy cafes or restaurants.

  2. Parks and Recreation: Bunnell Florida offers several parks and recreational facilities where residents can enjoy outdoor activities and leisure pursuits. The Bunnell Community Center Park features playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports fields, while Belle Terre Park offers walking trails, fishing ponds, and scenic views of the surrounding landscape.

  3. Cultural Attractions: Bunnell Florida is home to cultural attractions that celebrate the town’s history and heritage. The Flagler County Historical Society hosts exhibits and events showcasing the area’s past, while the Bunnell Railroad Depot Museum preserves artifacts and memorabilia related to the town’s railroad history.

  4. Education and Healthcare: Bunnell Florida is served by the Flagler County School District, providing quality education to students from kindergarten through high school. Additionally, the town is home to medical facilities and healthcare providers, ensuring residents have access to essential healthcare services close to home.

  5. Community Events: Throughout the year, Bunnell hosts a variety of community events and festivals that bring residents together for fun and fellowship. From holiday celebrations and parades to farmers’ markets and cultural festivals, there’s always something happening in Bunnell Florida to enjoy with family and friends.

Bunnell Florida’s blend of small-town charm, historic character, and modern amenities make it a delightful place to live, work, and visit in Flagler County. Whether you’re exploring the town’s rich history, enjoying outdoor recreation, or simply soaking up the laid-back atmosphere, Bunnell welcomes you with open arms and warm hospitality.


Bunnell Parks

Lake Disston

Hidden Trails Park

Shell Bluff Park

Flagler County Fairgrounds

Old Dixie Park

Espanola Community Park

Pellicer Community Park

Bull Creek Campground

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